How do we work?

We wouldn’t want our developers to explain our system to you. Even though they are maintaining an incredible sophisticated platform we rather prefer to try and explain to you our basics first before your developers talk to ours!

Here’s how the XS2Event platform works in five simple steps:

1. Read inventory

We read the ticket inventory of the organiser of the event or its official reseller. Official resellers are being verified before being approved. We ask them to come up with the best possible offer and commissions for our partners.

2. Collection

We gather all available event tickets and offer these tickets via our API and Dashboard to our partners (Travel Agencies, booking platforms, concierge services, ticket resellers etc.).

3. Distribution

The available event tickets are being offered to the partners’ clients for them to purchase.

4. Reservation of purchases

When tickets are being purchased our platform informs the event promoter of the sale and the tickets are being reserved. XS2Event will charge our partner a fee for using our platform, helping them to get the event tickets booked.

5. Ticket delivery

The event organiser delivers the ticket to the client

As a mediator XS2Event will help event promoters sell their tickets through new sales channels while travel agencies, booking platforms and ticket resellers are being served with the best events in the market. We bring together the best of both worlds and in the end, together with XS2Event, we will help thousands of fans to attend the best live events!